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Tujo Imaging

Ever seen those epic front page sports shots of the pros in full action and wondered why that isnt you? Well, maybe it can be!

Having worked in coordination with dive centers for a number of years, taking pictures of their guests to later sell, we thought to ourselves why this system wouldn't work in many different recreational sports where the participants rarely benefit from a professional photographer snapping their best sporting moments!

Hence the creation of Tujo Imaging as part of our small media production company.

Our aim is to come along to sports centers, ranging in anything from climbing centers to motocross track days, chatting to participants and letting them know what we do. After taking the pictures the photographers will upload them to our website where guests can flick through, select and purchase their favorite shots!


If you had your photos taken by a photographer today or in the last few days, click here, find your photographer and see what he has for you from the date you met! Add the ones you like to your basket and once payment is taken you'll have access to the high resolution versions for download.


If you are a venue and you think this system may well work for you, get in touch and we can run you through how it works with venues.

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