Music Videos

Are you looking to shoot a music video? It may be for yourself or you may be producing one on behalf of an artist, either way we can help shoot on land or why not consider an original perspective by including some underwater shots! We have access to a pool in Switzerland and the UK plus all the equipment to get the epic shots necessary for your video to stand out.


Event Coverage

Hosting a concert? Organising a corporate day? Whatever your event, if you want a memory of the occasion to share with colleagues, friends or followers we can help! Contact us to discuss the finer points.


Sporting Videos

If your business or organisation is centred around sport or sporting products, there is no better way to draw in customers than showcasing the product doing what it does best ! Whether its extreme sports, team sports or sponsored charity runs we can plan, shoot and edit together an energetic final piece to showcase to the world!


Promotional Material

We create short promotional videos for all kinds of organisations to use in social media campaigns, on websites, during crowdfunding presentations or any other reason they may want one! We dont limit our work to any one kind of business, however for those businesses based around water, our experience and range of equipment means we can combine footage underwater, at the surface, on land and in the air to give your customers a real sense of what you offer.

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